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 Jeremy grew up in a family of preachers and cowboys.

His life journey has taken him from political consulting to a few years as a bull-riding cowboy. He’s always had a passion to reach his generation with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. That dream became a reality through Hope City in Houston, TX.

After 15 years in ministry together, Jeremy and Jennifer launched Hope City in Houston and God has consistently moved in an amazing way.  This new church has already impacted thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jeremy also travels and shares leadership principles, inspires congregations and equips teams for next level leadership. His honest, open and humorous delivery style appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jeremy and Jennifer live in the Houston area along with their children Jayden, Jeselyn, Jillian Grace and Jackson Cash. They ride horses every week and pray fervently that God anoints the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans.


  1. Knows most of the lyrics to all George Strait songs 90%
  2. Adept at talking self and others out of fights 80%
  3. Has pretty sweet dance moves 70%
  4. Proficient in air guitar, air bass and air drums 90%
  5. Secretly wishes he had rap skills 60%

Obviously all of these can’t be above 50%, but Jeremy likes to dream.

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