Posted on November 12, 2013

When I was a kid I would do almost anything without fear.  I rode bikes with no helmet, jumped on trampolines with no safety net (shocking) and many times I played outside for hours with no cell phone.  I was risky.  For some reason parents used to be a whole lot less averse to risk or just dumb.  Over the past 20 years safety has taken center stage in parenting.

Safety is not a bad thing but it’s crept into every area of life. Because of this we have a hard time living by faith. It’s way too risky.  We all want to be considered faithful but today’s definition of faithfulness means consistency.  Consistency is great, but in the Bible faith meant risky.  Faith was David running towards a giant screaming, “I’ll kill you with a slingshot”.

Satan doesn’t care if you call yourself a believer just as long as you don’t prove it by activating your faith and going all in on God’s plan for your life. Somehow crazy faith unlocks God’s ability to do crazy stuff.  When my middle daughter Jese was a toddler she had crazy faith in me.  She would jump off of just about anything and in mid-air scream, “Hey Daddy!”  I nearly broke my neck on more than one occasion trying to catch her.  I finally had to sit her down and convince her that I was not a super hero.  She still has a hard time believing it.

The difference in me and Jesus is He will always catch you.  He’s just waiting on you to jump!  God will never fail you but the key is your faith.  On some things, God won’t move until you do.  The formula of faith is, “If you will God will“.  Reaching is always proof of passion.  God won’t give you anything you haven’t pursued. 

The only reason I’m married to the most beautiful woman on the planet is because I polished my game and pursued her.  I liked it so I put a ring on it, she’s mine and I’m hers because she knew that I would do whatever it took to make her mine.  God doesn’t do part time relationships.  He’s either the Lord of everything or He’s not the Lord of anything. 

God is calling you, because that’s what He does.  He told Jeremiah, “I knew you before you were born, I set you apart and appointed you”.  Jeremiah was afraid and offered excuses but God said, “Don’t be AFRAID for I am WITH you”.

God sees something in you that you don’t see.  Stop seeing yourself through fear and start looking through faith.  Stop counting the costs and calculating the risks and say, “The answer is YES LORD, now what is the question?”

What if we turned our risk management process into faith filled prayers.  The only prayers God can’t answer are the ones we are afraid to pray. Remember the disciples who were in the boat in the middle of a storm?  They were afraid that the waves would overtake and kill them.  Then Jesus comes walking on the water.  Yes, God walks on the things that threaten you.  Trust Jesus, if you are truly following His plan for your life then there will be times when you are scared out of your mind.  That’s how you learn to trust Him, He designed it that way.  

God will never give you a life that makes Him unnecessary.

Turn your risk into rest and your fear into faith.  


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