Jeremy Foster is an innovative speaker and trainer who is noted for his unique approach to communication. His vivid examples and humorous delivery style appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jeremy is full of experiences to draw from. Whether it’s bull riding or politics, He is always geared up with a vivid story that brilliantly captivates his audience and plants a seed of understanding. He has served as media consultant in numerous local, state, and federal political campaigns, affording him the opportunity to work with the Presidents, Senators, Governors and others, which allows him to bring a distinct and insightful angle to the table.

He has devoted his life to carrying the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

For almost two decades, this Texas resident has toured the world sharing inspirational words with tens of thousands of people. He leaves every audience with a great big smile on their faces and a spark of enthusiasm and empowerment to go out and challenge the status quo and make their world a better place.

Watch Jeremy’s sermons here download the podcast here.

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