Learning to live with it

Posted on June 3, 2013

I hate insects.

It doesn’t really even matter what kind.  I’ll save you the agony of naming a humongous gross list of all the insects, just suffice it to say, I don’t get excited about entomology.  So, whenever there is an insect that has somehow broken into my house I will stop at almost nothing to remove his lifeless body from my personal space.

Last Friday I dropped my wife off at the airport for a few days with her sisters.  When I got home I realized that a fly was in my bathroom.  Not your common small housefly, this thing was a Texas pterodactyl.  I did my best to kill him.  I used towels, hangers, I even threw a bar of soap.  He was super speedy for a big guy and kept taunting me with his stupid fly sneer.  So I walked out and closed the door.

Sunday afternoon I walked into my bathroom and my nostrils were assaulted by the putrid smell of OFF insect repellent.  My 12 year old daughter Jayden came running in at the sound of my frustrated yell and said, “What’s wrong dad?” I said, “Can’t you smell that!”  She said, “Oh, that’s just the OFF I sprayed all over your bathroom to kill the fly.”

I was furious and cracked up at the same time.  I explained to her that I had pretty bad allergies and now we would need to air out the bathroom for a considerable amount of time.  I gave her a dissertation on the subject of how insect repellent repels the insects but doesn’t kill them.

Later that evening I came in and smelled the exact same smell again.  This time, my youngest daughter, Jese, had set out bowls full of OFF and beside the bowls was a handwritten note that said, “TOXIC: DO NOT DRINK ME…fly killer”.  I lost it.  Why can’t they just let me deal with the fly myself!

In that instant the Lord began to talk to me.  It’s funny how we will learn to live with things that our own kids wouldn’t accept.  When we get tired of fighting we will accept situations that we were never designed to dwell in.  We will find ourselves hiding in caves from the calling of God just like Gideon in Judges 6.

They enemy wants you to hide because he’s afraid you’ll figure out who God called you to be.  When you are so beat down by your circumstances it’s hard to see anything greater than what you are.  When circumstances have trapped us in self loathing and depression. When we are hiding from our calling and lost in private addictions and secret sins.  We are constantly battling urges and desires that no one knows about.

The only way to defeat these things that creep into our lives is to openly deal with them.  Ask for help.  It’s amazing how powerful accountability relationships are.

I challenge you today to ask God for help but also ask some friends to come into your life and set some traps for the things that have been trapping you.

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